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Release Date:

March 20, 2017


Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux)
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USD $2.99


Osy Osmosis is a fun game for all ages where you must help Osy stay safe as she navigates through her world collecting stars. To help Osy you will use osmosis to keep her in balance with the world around her. Add and remove Osy’s bits (solute) to control the flow of water into and out of Osy. Be careful though, add too much water to Osy and she swells up and pops, too little water and she shrivels up.

Osy is the first game to show the key elements of osmosis as you play, namely bound and free water molecules. The textbooks get osmosis wrong - Osy gets it right!


  • 17 levels that introduce exciting new elements and obstacles:
  • Bit vents add more solute to the environment around Osy - add bits to match the concentration!
  • Oxygen vents give Osy a speed boost
  • Round crystals are hard to move, if only Osy were a little bigger...
  • Sharp crystals can pop Osy, be careful around them!
  • Pure water has no solute in it, and thus a higher concentration of free water that will continuously diffuse into Osy! Better not hang out in there for very long if you can help it.



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Awards & Recognition

  • Top Products Reader's Choice 2015

    - District Administration

  • Runner Up Most Innovative Game

    - Meaningful Play 2012

  • Runner Up People's Choice Award

    - Meaningful Play 2012

About Cogent Education


With our unique approach and vision we firmly believe that we are at the front of a wave of technology that will revolutionize the way science is taught from kindergarten to graduate education.

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Jared Jackson
Project Lead, Lead Artist, Designer, Programmer

Stephen Borden
Lead Programmer, Designer

Casey O'Donnell
Level Design, Programming, Music, Level Building

Zane Everett

B.J. Wimpey

Victoria Costilla
Voice Acting